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Don't Like the Budget? Your options aren't limited to voting.

A short protest essay, with Mark Chou, to help with the mobilization against an unpopular Australian (Commonwealth) budget proposal.

Don’t like the budget? Your options aren’t limited to voting Originally published by Independent Australia, 30 May 2014. [This short protest essay has quite the backstory. At the time, a Tony Abbott led Liberal National Coalition party was in government in Australia and had proposed a rather unpopular budget. What bristled many was the claim […]

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The End of War? Global Citizenship and Changes to Conflict

The End of War? Global Citizenship and Changes to Conflict Originally published December 11, 2011, by the Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis (online March 31, 2014). [In reading about global democracy and its prospects for peace I came to think about how societies have changed, in large part due to technologies relating to media, […]

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Resist and Revivify. Democratic theory in a time of defiance

Resist and Revivify: Democratic Theory in a Time of Defiance Originally published by Democratic Theory, June 2017. Co-authored with Dr Emily Beausoleil. [I remember preparing the issue of Democratic Theory that this editorial prefaces during a very difficult time, politically. These were the early days of a shock Trump presidency, of a deeply confused Brexit […]

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Gaddafi and Libya – a case for just intervention?

Full militaristic intervention cannot be justified on the grounds that this is a ‘just war’. We are then left with the option to intervene militarily in a smaller way or not to intervene militarily at all.

Gaddafi and Libya – a case for just intervention? Originally published by openDemocracy, April 1, 2011. [This short essay was borne out of an urge to “speak out of” the expression of international democracy that I saw happening in how many people, around the world, were relating to Libyans and vice versa during their moment […]

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Globalizing the Intellectual History of Democracy

Professor Samuel Moyn (Yale) and Jean-Paul Gagnon (Canberra) in conversation.

Globalizing the Intellectual History of Democracy Originally published by Democratic Theory, 7(1), Summer 2020. Pp. 99-107. [The drive for this conversation, with Professor Samuel Moyn, came in most part out of a trend I had been observing in the democratic theory literature. There is a double dynamic at play, particularly over the last 15 or […]

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Change Tax Tack to Take Power Back

Is this the best or only way that taxation should work?

Change tax tack to take power back Short-essay, originally published by Eureka Street, 18 November 2013. [Prior to writing this I was reading into the literature on “democratic economy” and “economic democracy” and got to thinking about the different ways we are conventionally taxed, predominantly (but not exclusively) in Australia. This led to thinking around […]

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Democracy expresses itself in many ways

Short essay, originally published by The Conversation, here in annotated form.

Democracy expresses itself in many ways Originally published by The Conversation, February 2, 2018. [This short essay is my contribution to a collection of 20 responses that I curated in late 2017. I was driven to do this because of the frustratingly over-simplified narrative being repeated by the mass media that “democracy is dying” or […]

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